Upgrade Your Coffee Experience with The Philippines First Crystallized Coffee!

by SEA Wave
SEA Wave - Crystallized Coffee by Lyger Coffee
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By: Gabrielle Marcelo


Hey there, coffee lovers! Looking for café quality coffee to jump start your day? We found the perfect products for you! Shout out to all classic caffeine lovers and even to all you sweet-teeth creamy coffee fans. Crystallized coffee finally brews in the Philippines.

Crystallized coffee undergoes several processes: from grounding, milling and eventually, brewing. Then, the coffee goes through an innovative free-drying process which preserves the flavor and aroma – this is crystallization. This unique pack allows for a hassle-free coffee experience.

Mornings Will Never Be the Same Again

Lyger Coffee products provide barista-level coffee in mini cups you can make on your own, anytime and anywhere. This really upgrades the morning coffee experience! Imagine waking up just a few moments away from the full café morning vibe.

Lyger Coffee is available in two classis flavors – Americano and Latte. But, it isn’t limited to that! They also have a coffee recipes section on their website that would help you find the most suitable drink you are craving for. all created with the Lyger mini cups!

A Cause You’d Want to Support

Lyger Coffee is in partnership with The Plastic Solution and offers a gift card to customers who will collect and return at least 50 mini cups.  Sustainable solution for the environment and an exciting deal for those who make repeat purchases from the shop. Become an eco-warrior while having the best morning coffee experience!

Ready to upgrade your morning coffee time? Visit www.lygercoffee.com and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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